"I highly recommend Walter for a massage. He has a very respectful and healing touch that made my massage a pure joy.  He moves energy through his body and acts as a medium, thus permitting me the bliss of 'letting go.' I felt completely comfortable and safe under his hands. ~Erika T. / Physician / Isla Vista, CA


"Walter is a truly gifted and caring massage therapist and healer. His massage techniques are outstanding and amazing to the human body." ~Valerie V. / Marketing Specialist / Carpinteria, CA

 "Mr. Witkowski is highly professional and sensitive to the needs of his client. As a woman I felt especially safe and comfortable. He is a very gentle man, yet strong...to deliver deep work." ~Amber Y. / Business Woman / Santa Barbara, CA

"Walter uses a continuous contact dynamic that makes me feel so taken care of. He never loses connection with me. His strokes are seamless and fluid. He has beautiful energy. He has healing powers. He has magical hands. A heavenly experience." ~Lily R. / Office Manager / Goleta, CA

"Walter's massage was intuitive and blissful. His hands transformed me to a magical place of peace and beauty." ~Howard B. / Lawyer / Arroyo Grande, CA


"I have known Walter for many years, and have been consistently impressed by his deep intuitive bodyworking style.  I have experienced connection and healing through the energy of his touch, which is always offered with kindness and compassion.  I recommend seeing Walter any time you want a wonderful bodywork experience." ~Kevin H. / Watsu Practicioner / San Luis Obispo, CA


"I think that was one of the best massages that I have ever recieved. You are very good, Walter. I'm going to tell my mother and father to get one of your treatments." ~Lola R. / Massage Therapist / Santa Clarita, CA