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Goodbye 2020. Hello 2021

With 2020 having gone by and we celebrate a new year before us, this is a good time to reflect on accomplishments and blessings. My big accomplishment of 2020

has been increasing the number of satisfied clients in both Santa Barbara and the Santa Ynez Valley to a strong and healthy number of people that supports me financially. And one of the blessings that I have had is the ability to give a service that provides comfort of body and peace of mind...not only to my customers, but to myself as well.

In this new lifestyle of isolation and self-introspection, you have the opportunity to allow others the same experience of professional massage that you have been privileged to enjoy. Take a moment to recall the sensations of serenity and bliss that you have felt during our sessions together. Wouldn't you like others to have the same?

What a good time this is to give the pleasure of relaxation to those that you know and love. The gift of massage is easy at any time of the year through gift certificates from MassageAmaze. Choose one for friends, neighbors or family.

Create "Peace on Earth" for those that are dear to you. Simply click the link below (or call) to contact me indicating your desire for a certificate and I will follow up to get the details from you. Thank you for helping make this year a successful one.

Wishing you health and abundance.

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